BIBLE: Beetles and Bald Locusts, and New Beetles Popping Up


Lots of new beetles popping up today, and a symbol of the occult. I am also reminded of the band, The Beatles, and how they were used to bring eastern mysticism and spread promiscuity in the 1960s. WELL, beetle is now in scripture.

Let’s look at the new species and the scripture verse with beetles in it:

I think you get the message.

Well, now we have BEETLE in the Bible, and note the grammar issues, and calling the insects with a pronoun other than IT. Also, locusts AND bald locusts?!?


Our Bibles are changing quickly as they redefine Christianity, preparing for the antichrist and one world religion.
Are you awake yet, Bride of Christ? We are in the end game, and Bible prophecy is unfolding quickly.
Get your spiritual life in order TODAY by asking JESUS CHRIST to be your LORD and SAVIOR. JESUS is the One True God, the Word of God, the Messiah, the Savior of the World.


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