BIBLE: Shocking Evidence – New Titles & Authors to Epistles! 

Our Bibles are changing, supernaturally. Yes, it is crazy. I get it. But it is undeniable. In the following images, you will now see that in my 1958 Authorized King James Bible there are now new authors for the epistles. I have only known the Apostle Paul to be the author of the Epistles…Take a look at these images below showing these authors, and also note the new titles to the epistles. Most of the KJV titles have changed.

Please note there are numerous changes in the many verses, but this post is covering the new authors and new titles to these particular books of the Bible.

Shocking, isn’t it?

We really are in the end. There is no doubt in my mind these Bible changes are swiftly bringing on the strong delusion. The antichrist is showing up with lying signs and wonders. Do not be deceived. Warn everyone. Even when you get mocked, be more bold. The evidence is jaw dropping.

1&2 CORINTHIANS, GALATIANS, COLOSSIANS, EPHESIANS have new titles and authors!


Our Bibles are changing quickly as they redefine Christianity, preparing for the antichrist and one world religion.

Are you awake yet, Bride of Christ? We are in the end game, and Bible prophecy is unfolding quickly.

Get your spiritual life in order TODAY by asking JESUS CHRIST to be your LORD and SAVIOR. JESUS is the One True God, the Word of God, the Messiah, the Savior of the World. Get more information here.

They are changing our Bibles, but cannot change the eternal decrees of God.



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